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COPA Exhibit at the HIGH ROAD GALLERY - Old Worthington

(This is a plein air only show)


October 13th through November 18th, 2023

Hours:  Friday 1-4 and Saturday 11-4. Or by appointment. 614-530-3303

12 E. Stafford Ave, Worthington




This is an opportunity to help COPA that requires only one volunteer to be a Co-Chair along with the High Road Gallery's Co-Chair.  The Gallery will do some of the administrative duties via their Co-Chair (our good friend Deb Haller).

Reply to this email to volunteer!


COPA Co-Chair Responsibilities: Coordinate with the other Co-Chair;  and specifically solicit and receive entry information for the tags, arrange take in and take down procedures with the participating artists.

Also contact Blick art website to reach out to them for a donation of prizes... and advertise the show directly to the public and through the members by any means possible! The gallery will advertise some too.


Tentative dates:  

Date to enter by way of sending COPA volunteer tag information  September 1-30

Take in October 10, Tuesday from 12:00-2:00

Reception October 15, Sunday 2:00-4:00   High Road Gallery will provide the refreshments for the reception. 

Gallery will accept cash and check and hold the payment for you.  

Pick up Sunday Nov. 19,  Noon-2:00


**If COPA wants this to be a judged and award show the members entering will have an entry fee to cover the cost.**  This is TBD


Artists must provide label info:  Artist name, Title, Medium, Price, Contact information.  

All art needs to have a wire on the back ready to hang, no saw tooth hanger.



There is no commission to High Road Gallery for any sales.

Artists will handle their own sales during their reception and afterwards. If you can do Venmo, PayPal, etc.  information needs to be left with the receptionist. 

No work should be removed if it's sold, unless there's another piece to replace it. 

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